Who: roles and responsibilities

Jampel Dell'Angelo

This course will rely on your active participation. I will be enthusiastic, maieutic, respectful and prepared for every class. You will be asked to do the same. Your individual role will be fundamental for the collective success of the course. The quality of the discussions will be strongly impacted by your effort in understanding and critically engaging with the readings. As well, your final preparation will be impacted by the group discussion. We will mix a variety of learning and training methods that produce virtuous circles of independent and group collaborative work.

I will bring into the course my interdisciplinary, critical and creative experience as a socio-environmental scientist developed working on water governance related issues since my Masters training. My motivation, as a researcher interested in water governance is an ethical one: I believe that water is key for humanity and I deeply empathize with the suffering that people living in water scarce conditions experience on a daily basis. You can take a look at my research profile here and please check my most recent documentary on interdisciplinary research on water governance on Mount Kenya here.